Strik med teknologi

Knitting on a new level

MagKnit has developed a stitch marker that functions as a row counter. It counts a round when moved from the one needle to the other, and gives notifications when there is a change in the recipe.

Our projectsVi kombinerer strik og teknologi

Med udgangspunkt i den automatiske omgangstæller i kombination med MagKnit´s strikkepinde, dannes et grundlag for en ny verden af muligheder. Brugeren får hjælp til at tælle omgange, følge med i opskrifter og meget mere.



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With new technology and inventiveness, our goal is to optimize the knitting process so that the traditional craft becomes easier, while still retaining its charm.
With an intelligent stitch marker that can automatically register rows and give notifications when reaching a change in the pattern, every knitter gets a simple entry to the world of knitting.
When starting with knitting, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. You have to keep track of rows, knits and purls, and not least the yarn - It can and should be made more manageable.
With a section in the app that simply translates knitting patterns, the knitter gets an overview of their projects, making it easy to follow the progress and take notes along the way.
Every knitting project should fit the individual knitter, and MagKnit ensures just that with customizable knitting needles that fit specifically to each knitter.
As with any craft, it's always possible to improve one's knitting skills. MagKnit aims to make this process easier.
With the stitch marker that automatically counts rows, it's no longer the knitter's task to keep track of the number of rows. MagKnit thus creates the perfect opportunity to take on new challenges with a helping hand from the stitch marker.
Many people use knitting as therapy. With a user-specific knitting needle, the knitter doesn't have to strain their body when knitting. It's possible to get the needle just the way the knitter wants it.
Many knitters like to keep track of their knitting projects. With a clear image, the knitter gets an overview of their knitting habits and projects throughout a whole year.