The ultimate knitting app

Get the optimal overview of your knitting projects.
MagKnit's knitting app.
On MagKnit's knitting app, you get an easy overview of knitting patterns. The row counter automatically indicates how far you are in the pattern. Without the row counter, you can easily indicate where you are in the pattern with a single click.


Collect all your projects in MagKnit's App.
The app allows you to keep track of your projects, including where you are in the project, how much you have left to complete, what yarn you're using, and how much time you've spent on the project.
Work with patterns that can be purchased from the library or create your own patterns on MagKnit's app.
Connect to the stitch marker and receive notifications when there is a change in the pattern.
Keep track of how much you have knitted during the year.

When knitting, there is a lot to keep track of. How far have you come in the pattern, what gauge is required for a specific type of yarn and needles, what is the status of your yarn inventory, how much have you knitted throughout the year, and so on. 

With the MagKnits app, you get a helping hand for organizing. The app contains a long list of patterns that are boiled down to simple steps to follow. At each step, it is possible to take notes and register rounds. With MagKnits' automatic row counter, all rounds are registered automatically, and a notification is sent when you reach the next step in the pattern. 

When starting a new project, the app helps measure the gauge in height (number of rows). For each project, it is possible to note the choice of yarn, including the number of skeins, colors, and dye lot numbers. 

Each project is recorded in the calendar, where an overview is provided of the number of kilometers knitted and which projects. 


The knitting process

When you knit with MagKnit, you can follow along with your knitting process by accessing the selected project.

Here you get a clear picture with a progress bar that is updated in real time. When you need to make increases on, for example, every 4th row, the screen will be divided into 4 sections and show where you are in the pattern, making it easy and clear to follow.


On the app's front page, you get a quick overview of your knitting history from the current year.

Notifications help you keep track of your knitting, as the app can automatically determine if it has scheduled a new project, if a stitch marker is available, or if a stitch marker needs charging.

Your ongoing knitting projects are easily accessible, so you can quickly get started by either tapping the large green button or continuing under each project. It is also possible to see which step you have reached and the next step.



On the project page, it's possible to see ongoing projects and start a new project.

Additionally, you can also see all previous and future projects, allowing you to plan your knitting time accordingly.

To create a new project, you need to tap on the large green plus sign, where you can either manually enter the steps for the knitting pattern you're following, scan the pattern (if the pattern is created within the MagKnit system), or download the pattern through our app.


On the yarn page, it's possible to get an overview of one's yarn stash, including:

  • Total number of yarn skeins
  • Total weight of yarn in kilograms
  • Total length of yarn in kilometers
  • The value of the yarn

By clicking on the individual yarn, you can see information about which project the yarn is used for or reserved for, the number of skeins, color codes, type, etc.

When you finish a project, you can enter how many grams of yarn are left and optionally add the yarn to your stash through the app.



In the pattern library, it is possible to view both purchased patterns and buy new ones.

If you purchase a new pattern through the app, you can see the difficulty level and general information about the pattern, as we know it from regular patterns. By purchasing a pattern through the app, all steps in the knitting process are automatically created, making it easy and simple to start your knitting project with MagKnit.

At the bottom of a pattern page, you can also purchase the recommended yarn at a discount if you buy it through our app.