Knitting needles


Never waste time again knitting with the wrong needle.
The ultimate knitting needle will fit you perfectly!
MagKnit's user-specified knitting needle.
The ultimate circular needle with interchangeable wires, rotating joint, smooth surface, and functionality with the automatic row counter. The needles come in sets ranging from sizes 2 to 10 mm, and the yarn glides easily on the needle.



Contains a magnet so that the stitch marker can register a row. The needles have interchangeable wires and rotation joints.


The needles are made of oak wood with a smooth surface, allowing the yarn to glide easily. The interchangeable wire is attached to the needle's rotating joint and is made of a non-forming plastic material.


Needle size: 2 mm; 2.5 mm; 3 mm; 3.5 mm; 4 mm; 4.5 mm; 5 mm; 5.5 mm; 6 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm; 10 mm

Needle tips: 14 cm

Wires: 100 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm,

MagKnit's knitting needle revolutionizes the approach to knitting. You no longer have to compromise on the properties of the knitting needle. The user-specified needle contains everything a knitting needle can hold.

With the interchangeable wires, you can easily extend the circular needle with a simple switch. When the work needs to be set aside, you can easily take the needles off and click the two ends of the wire together, so the stitches rest securely on the wire. 

The knitting needle is made of oak wood, and therefore, the weight is minimal. Inside the needle is a magnet that also has a very low weight.

The magnet will work with the stitch marker to count rows every time it passes the magnet.


We spend many hours knitting, so don't waste your time with a knitting needle that doesn't fit you.
The smooth surface of the needle ensures that the yarn glides easily.
The rotational joint provides freedom between the wire and the needle.
A light magnet is inserted in the middle of the needle, so when the stitch marker registers the magnet, it counts one row.
The knitting needle not only provides a frictionless knitting experience but also offers even more features related to the automatic row counter.